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About The Site

This is my personal website, so all opinions are my own. I made it to better document some of the helpful information I've compiled about a wide variety of topics, but also to show off some of the projects I've done that I think are neat.


  • Guide: macOS Setup

    Suggested programs, utilities and settings for developers getting started on Mac. Including my clean and lightweight combination of ZSH plugins and utilities.

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  • Project: Battery Backup

    After being without power for a week, I built a ~13kwh battery backup system to cover the most important circuits in our house (fridge, network and some HVAC).


  • Smart Home: Architecture

    A general overview of my smart home setup, powered by Home Assistant.

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Who Am I

Hi, I'm Andrew LeCody. I am a maker, nerd, and a bunch of other labels that all boil down to: I like to learn and to build stuff. Professionally I am a Senior DevOps Engineer with experience at every layer, all the way down to hardware since I started my career working in datacenters. Outside of work I'm either learning, making stuff, playing video games, or camping/hiking/offroading. I helped start the Dallas Makerspace, serving on the Board of Directors and as President for the first 5 years of the organization.

I believe strongly in the power of collaboration, protection of human rights, and taking care of our environment.