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About The Site

This is my personal website, so all opinions are my own. I made it to better document some of the helpful information I've compiled about a wide variety of topics, but also to show off some of the projects I've done that I think are neat.


  • Guide: macOS Setup

    Suggested programs, utilities and settings for developers getting started on Mac. Including my clean and lightweight combination of ZSH plugins and utilities.

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  • Project: Battery Backup

    After being without power for a week, I built a ~13kwh battery backup system to cover the most important circuits in our house (fridge, network and some HVAC).


  • Smart Home: Architecture

    A general overview of my smart home setup, powered by Home Assistant.

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Who Am I

Hi, I'm Andrew LeCody. I am a maker, nerd, and a bunch of other labels that all boil down to: I like to learn and to build stuff. Professionally I am a Senior DevOps Engineer with experience at every layer, all the way down to hardware since I started my career working in datacenters. Outside of work I'm either learning, making stuff, playing video games, or camping/hiking/offroading. I helped start the Dallas Makerspace, serving on the Board of Directors and as President for the first 5 years of the organization.

I believe strongly in the power of collaboration, protection of human rights, and taking care of our environment.

Social Media

I'm most active on Mastodon these days. You can also see what I'm up to by following me on GitHub.