Dallas Makerspace Open House

A while back I became a member of the Dallas Makerspace, which is basically the only hackerspace in the Dallas area. I met a lot of cool people and now I have access to a lot of really cool tools (Makerbot, CNC laser cutter, etc) so hopefully I’ll have some new blog posts in the next few months talking about a cool project I’m working on. If you live in the Dallas area or will be here on the 20th, come by our open house, it’s going to be fun.

From the Dallas Makerspace blog:

On November 20th, DMS will be hosting an Open House for all who want to come and check out just what a Makerspace is all about. There will be food, demonstrations, tours, and a meet and greet with the Dallas Makerspace members. Meet people passionate about a myriad of things from robotics, to wood crafting, to art and photography.

Come! And see the wonders of laser cutters, Cupcake CNC Makerbots, and darkroom science! See demos about brass etching, recycling plastic bags into sewable fabric and view projects DMS members are currently working on: Eggbot, the Jacob’s Ladder and more!

Come! And learn about what a Makerspace is; our goals, projects, and purpose.

Come! And enjoy a day full of scientific endeavors, artistic pursuits, and innovative thinking!

When: Saturday, November 20, 2010, from Noon until Midnight
Where: Dallas Makerspace, 11020 Audelia Rd, Suite C103, Dallas, TX 75243
Note: Make sure to check out the wiki for a full list of demos, projects and links to a map that will lead you to our doorstep.

View Secret Path to DMS in a larger map

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  1. October 3, 2015 at 3:46 am

    Hi, I would love to join a makerspace/hakerspace in Honolulu. I’ve siegnd up on the HiCapacity mail-list, but from what I can tell they don’t have a shop and are mostly focused with writing code. The reply-all style email system is getting annoying. I’m really looking for a shop with tools like yours. Do you know of anything like that on Oahu? If I have time next time I’m on Maui I’ll try to look you guys up.-Mike

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