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Recommended Reading

These are some of the books I recommend reading. I prefer buying physical books from indepenant/local book stores and from online retailers/publishers that offer DRM-free ebooks. If you have to ask Amazon before you open a book, you don't own that book, Amazon does.

No Starch Press is great, when you purchase a printed book you get a DRM-free ebook as well. These are always in PDF format but sometimes also in Mobi and ePub too. They also offer "early access" to chapters of books you've pre-ordered.

This list is always growing, and it's nowhere complete, so check back from time to time for more.

Manga Guides

The "Manga Guide" series is a great way to learn about various topics from databases to physics. You can find them all on No Starch Press. If you are a developer and work with any kind of relational database, I strongly recommend getting The Manga Guide to Databases, especially if you have never heard of normalization.



  • Literally anything by qntm (Sam Hughes), and all of it is available online for free.
    • There Is No Antimemetics Division - Set in the world of the SCP Foundation wiki. It explores the concept of antimemes, ideas with self-censoring properties.
    • Ra - Magic as science/engineering, think "magic NASA".
    • Fine Structure - The first thing I ever read from qntm, I have been a fan ever since.
    • Ed - Hilarious and over the top mad science. Who doesn't like giant robot battles?